The modern gentleman’s inspiration well


They say that fashion is what you buy, and style is what you do with it.
You have probably noticed that most of the time, it is difficult to know what to wear, and which combinations match. Probably because there are millions of combinations between colors, patterns, and seasonal styles to be considered. Generally we tend to find inspiration in magazines, and maybe even more, when we go for shopping. The issue with that, is the narrow perspective of the styles communicated, and above all, the knowledge you gain is for a short-term solution. Sure, you will get an understanding of what the shop or magazine is communicating at that time, but will the information gained, really help you strengthen your sense of style long-term?

At House Of Gentlemen we strives to communicate a totality. We believe that a man’s sense of style is connected with his view of an ideal lifestyle. Therefore to gain long-term knowledge in how things go together, we will inspire you through a mood board of our version of a gentleman’s lifestyle. Enjoy!